Some Pheromone formulas are really effective.

Is it possible?
When I was in high school was the first time I heard about Pheromones. Paging through my favorite magazine, Maxim, each month, I would always find myself going to the small ads at the back of the magazine and wondering if Pheromones could really work.

Pheromones are airborne molecules that do not have any odor and are naturally released by the body. They are believed to produce an intense effect on the selection of a mate and several other societal relations. When ready to mate, many species of animals release strong pheromones, according to scientific studies. There is no questions that animals such as dogs and many insects gravitate towards these non-smelling chemicals. Do pheromones play a big role in the lives of people is the big question.

Can pheromone products be effective with people?

Simply, the answer is ..... Yes, I am certain that there are some products that really do work! Even though our conclusions are not of any medical nature I trust they signify the truth - whether it is placebo or otherwise.

We experimented with different products which claimed to boost the attractiveness of men to women and these are our conclusions. We went out at night without putting on Pheromones.

We were 3 unattractive chaps out for an evening or having a few drinks in various nightspots. We first all agreed not to look at women and not talk to them unless they spoke to us first, and then we went out not wearing any Pheromone products. Three hours passed by, and just as we believed, the only women we had conversations with were the waitresses behind the bar and one female we spilled a drink on by accident (we apologized!). A normal night out means no female companionship. The evening out using Pheromones. The next weekend, we returned to the bar; the rules were still in force, however this time we used Pheromones. For the first thirty minutes not even one woman looked our way. As the bar started to fill up and women were squeezed nearer to us because of lack of space, we got a pleasant surprise. There was a group of five really attractive women sitting at the table next to us, and one stood up, walked over to us and sat down.

This is literally what she said to us, "Hi guys, come here often?" It came out of left field. I couldn't accept it as true. She was utilizing a classic pickup line I had tried for over 5 years, on me! We chatted a bit, swapped telephone numbers, and they left. Thinking it could just be an amazing coincidence, we sat calmly, stayed still and kept to our plan. But surprisingly, during the next evening, the three of us had conversations with a total of 15 women, with 11 women being very attractive and I kissed two of them on the same night. For three unattractive men, the results were amazing.

We opted to try out some other Pheromone products in following weeks with the idea that we could have similar success. Actually, some of the products we sampled were totally useless!

Somewhat disappointed, I started to doubt if that first night we used the Pheromones was merely a stroke of luck. In order to justify our beliefs, we gave one final try with the initial product tested. And by luck, we obtained identical results. But this time, I was able to sleep with a woman I met!

There is not a shadow of a doubt in my mind, some Pheromones can have a positive affect on your ability to attract the opposite sex. That doesn't mean women will be lining up to get near you. In all seriousness, after utilizing Pheromones for several months, my results are that females are much more willing to meet you. They seem more likely to give you the time of day. They do not evaluate you merely on your appearance and other factors are taken into account. Exactly what homely/regular looking men require.

Try using some Pheromones yourself and then let us know what the results were.

Some Pheromone formulas are really effective, and this is the best I have discovered.

If it would embarrass you to go into a shop and buy pheromones, then you are in luck, as the best and most effective pheromones I have found yet can be bought on the Internet. And all the best with the women!

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